Alliance Reinforcements

Alliance Reinforcements are coming to Zenia!


Prepare yourself for Zenia 1.5! It will soon be released, and with it comes the new Alliance Reinforcements feature!  Huzzah!


-Receive reinforcements from other players in your alliance, or send people in your alliance team reinforcements

-Earn alliance points when you send reinforcements to your team members

-Reinforcements are added automatically to your army


-Receive up to 20 extra units

-Reinforcement units can be any unit you already have access to (e.g. you can’t receive dragons unless you have built a ‘Dragon Lair’)

-Choose how many units to send an alliance member, and control which units to send them

-To send units, either click on the link in the alliance message or go to your Alliance HQ and click on the red exclamation point

send troops

points for ally