Alliance Wars: The Fight for Glory

You’ve fought valiantly and have expanded your alliance and army, but this is no time to rest. The Dragon King’s power is still omnipresent! His alliances have grown to terrible numbers. Worse yet, they have now spread into your reclaimed territory! The time has come to take a stand and fight–with your alliance!  Your alliance must fight other alliances to earn glory and defend your position within the Kingdom of Zenia!

Brace yourself, Alliance Wars are coming! For glory; for Zenia!

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What’s new in the upcoming version?

  • Compete against other alliances worldwide!
  • WIN free gems by defeating other alliances in the Alliance Wars!
  • New Icon!
  • New Name! Henceforth, we shall be known as “Kingdoms of Zenia”!


  • Earn glory points for your alliance every time you successfully raid a town
  • Top 3 alliances WIN major gems
  • Top 25% will receive a participation reward
  • Prizes are divided among the members of the alliance. The top three contributors will receive more gems than the rest of their alliance members.
  • In honor of this new update we have decided to makeover our icon and name.

So prepare yourself, the Kingdom of Zenia is in the midst of the Dragon Wars!


  • Kingdoms of Zenia: Dragon Wars