Q&A with James

Q&A with James, Zhurosoft’s Senior Concept and 2D Artist

Q: What do you do at Zhurosoft?

A: I’m the Senior Concept Artist/2D Artist, I design the look and feel of the monsters, items, maps, and anything else that comes my way. Being at small studio, you have to wear many hats, so I also work on animations, particle effects, and the occasional UI. But I enjoy doing various tasks since it keeps me busy.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? 

A: I drew as a kid and could mimic any drawings I saw, so it was kind of a given that I always wanted to do art. I drew Mortal Kombat characters or Snoopy on the chalkboard a lot when the teacher wasn’t looking, but they knew it was me….most of the time they let it slide. Art came naturally, but when I went to art school, I encountered many other other artists that helped push me to become a better artist. 

Q: What did you work on before Zhurosoft? 

A: I’ve worked in a couple various entertainment industry fields before, from film to AAA games to indie. I was lucky out of college and interned at EA where I worked on Madden NFL 10. I did a lot of freelance work for Warhammer 40k and Legends of the Five Rings. I’ve worked with Adult Swim, which really helped improve my drawing skills. Before Zhurosoft, I was working at Gameloft, where I had the opportunity to work on mobile games like Cars, Ice Age Village, and a few others. 

Q: Question from LittleButton: “What gives you inspiration for making monsters?”  

A: Concept artists often have a mental library of monsters and movesets. I first pick out a moveset for a monster, and then I’ll sketch the moveset onto the silhouettes. This helps me figure out the different shapes and stylizations. I always go back to Bobby Chiu, who is an amazing inspiration and a master creature designer. I also look at Dota 2 and Ratchet and Clank for stylistic approaches and base color pallets.  

Q: Question from royal_may: “What is your favorite part about working at zhurosoft? “

A: Drawing…such sketch, much designing, wow.

Q: Question from _Lucky_Duck_: “What is your favorite Pokemon?”

A: Magikarp

See more of James’ artwork here!

James working on Grembles