Pillars of Zenia: The Urban Contest

People of Zenia, the lords of Zhurosoft have a challenge for you: decorate your town in a unique or dignified way. For creating a glorious town, you will be handsomely rewarded.





We’ve noticed that there are some pretty creative towns out there, so we’ve created a contest to reward those who have spent extra time on their towns to make them especially awesome! We will be giving awards to 3 different people for 3 days. That’s 3 different people each day, for a total of 9 winners! What’s in it for you? Good question. GEMS! Lots of gems! 50 to be exact. Yeah, I bet I have your attention now!


So how do you play? The steps are easy:


1.) Take a screenshot of your town

2.) Tweet or Instagram a picture of your town with the hashtag #ZeniaGame

3.) Check our Facebook and/or Twitter for the winners!

4.) Claim your prize!

zenia town 1


Instagram: @Zhurosoft

Twitter: @Zhurosoft and/or @ZeniaGame

The contest will start on June 24th 9am EST and end June 26th 6pm EST. Winners will be announced everyday at 6pm EST. You may enter your town each day, but you can only win once.*


Good luck and carry on!

*Note: If you send your entry in after 6pm EST, it will be entered in to next day’s drawing. However, this does not apply to the last day