Q&A with Alex

Q&A with Alex, Zhurosoft’s 3D Artist

Q: What do you do at Zhurosoft? 

A:  I’m one of the 3D Artists, so I make a lot of the buildings, backgrounds, props, and characters you’ll be seeing in the future.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? 

A:  I think it was when I was a pretty young, maybe 5 or 6. I always enjoyed it but I didn’t really consider it as a career until my second year of college.  

Q: What did you work on before coming to Zhurosoft? 

A:  I worked on Ice Age Village and Cosmic Colony for iOS previously, and I also worked on a set for the DOTA 2 Workshop.  Other than that, mostly personal stuff that I find interesting to improve myself as an artist.  

Q: Question from Will S.: What kind of background do you have as an artist? Any tips for people who want to be artists in the gaming industry?

A:  My background is actually in Industrial Design; I took a few art classes through high school and college, and then went to the Guildhall at SMU to study art for games. 

As for recommendations, the biggest key is a strong portfolio – look at the most popular work on sites like CGHub, Polycount, and ZbrushCentral and use that as your standard. Strong art fundamentals in sculpting, painting, and color will help tremendously. Competition in this industry is very tough, but if you want it enough you’ll get there.    

Q: Question from Funky_Monkey: What’s your favorite video game? 

A:  Hmm, always a tough question..toss up between Persona 3 and Mirror’s Edge.  

Q: Question from royal_may: If you could do anything on your bucket list right now, what would it be?

A: I’d go to Japan on vacation.