Tweet for Content – LIVE UPDATES!

We’re holding the “Tweet for Content” contest TODAY!  It’s up to you to decide what will be in the next update. Banners? Decor? New units? ALL THE THINGS! Your tweets will determine what content we create.

We’ll be posting a live update on this post, letting you know which levels have been unlocked, so make sure to check back often.

Not sure how to play? It’s easy. Tweet an original tweet with the hashtag #ZeniaGame. You can tweet what updates you’d like to see, why you love playing Kingdoms of Zenia, or even list your favorite units. Just make sure it’s original and contains #ZeniaGame. Make sure you tweet TODAY since that’s when we’ll be following the #ZeniaGame hashtag.

And remember, every time a level is unlocked, we’ll tweet a code for FREE resources! So make sure you’re following us on Twitter.

Good luck, players!