Zenia: Our BIGGEST Update Yet!

Featuring: A New Campaign Zone, Mythical Units, Powerful Buildings, Rabbid Magic, Global Chat, and Much More! This is our biggest and most epic update yet!



The Dragon King’s power continues to spread over the lands of Zenia. Destruction and death are widespread. You’ve fought heroically, but your alliance and army are in dire need of support. Luckily your kingdom has the brightest minds in the land fighting for your triumph. Behold, the power of wizardry! They have conjured new units and buildings to assist in your journey to reclaim the throne! But heed this warning, the Dragon King is shifty and possesses hidden strengths.

Prepare yourself, the Kingdoms of Zenia Update is coming to the app store soon!

What’s new in this version?

    • New Zone!
    • Social Media Sharing!
    • Construct new shrines that help your kingdom’s production and army!
    • A new spell, Rabbid Magic, to help on the battle field!
    • Additional option to expand the land in your kingdom!
    • New unlockable premium banners!
    • Added player profiles!
    • New decor items!


 Added a global chat function!

global chat

  • Create 4 new units!





Check the app store soon for the latest Kingdoms of Zenia update!